Esther the Wonder Pig

I spend my weekend in a course, studying dogs’ anatomy. I will tell you more about that later (after two weeks there’s another course)… But now I want to share something with you. I’m sure many of you have already heard about “Esther the Wonder Pig”. But if you haven’t you can check out these sites:

And especially check out this one:

They raise money to a farm sanctuary! So let’s help them out and we will make the world little bit better for the animals.

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I have been quite busy lately. I have spend four days away from home in another city to study more about dogs. I have learned so much! Even though I enjoy these courses it’s just so exhausting to be away from home, away from my pets. And when there’s lots of things going on in your life you just get tired. Normal everyday life is great and I wish our family would get more of those days when there are no crises, no sadness or bad stress. I think we have had all of that bad stuff enough for couple of years. Now even my body is saying that I have to rest, right now! I’m rarely sick and now this fever just won’t go away…

When one of our gerbil, Valo got sick I was trying to be optimistic. But no matter what I did, it just wasn’t enough. Valo had a tumor, so we had to let him go. I know its part of life that we die, but still it felt like Valo was too young. I started thinking about my pets and the way I care for them. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try to do everything right, I always end up loosing. But like I said, that’s just part of life and my job is to make sure that the life these animals have is as good as possible. It’s not about how many days we all have; it’s about the quality of those days.

And life goes on. We have a new family member, new gerbil. We call him “O-P” Oopperan kummitus (The Phantom of the Opera). Also new gerbil babies were born. There’s so much life in our house right know.



gerbil babies

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Cute gerbil babies!

gerbil babies

They are so cute! Only two weeks old.

I think their father is getting better even though he is not quite normal. He is still getting his medicine for couple days and his head might stay permanently tilted. 

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One of our gerbils, Valo, is sick. He started to keep his head tilted to the left so we took him to the vet. His eye also started to look bad. The vet said it was little bit odd combination of symptoms but they both might be caused by an infection. Infection in the middle ear can cause problems with the balance. Of course there is also a possibility that it’s a tumor. Even though the situation is not looking good, Valo is very energetic and he is eating very well.This is why we decided to try antibiotics. Now we just have to wait and see if the medicine helps.



Some good news too: Mimosa (gerbil) gave birth to five babies last week! By the way, Valo is the father.

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Spring time <3

Spring time, you just have to love it.
I’ve been really busy but luckily my thesis is soon done so hopefully I will have more time for this blog.

We should have some gerbil babies soon. Or if not then our Mimosa girl is just getting really fat… And one of our bunnies, Leia, has really bad false pregnancy. I think we should let her make babies too. What do you think?

And we also have baby fishes! Look how cute!

Pristella maxillaris

Pristella maxillaris

It is really hard to take a good picture of a fish. Any tips how to do that?

I also have to share this link with you:

Company that sells raw food has a contest in Finland, where you have to tell your story about raw food. So I’m telling Amon’s story, about his skin problems etc. And about that how raw food has helped us and made my dog healthier! So go and like my story so we win more good food for Amon 🙂

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Schools, thesis, gerbils…

I have been really busy lattely. There’s some renovation going on in our house and I should really write my thesis. My computer haven’t supportet this project by crashing down quite often…

What about the animals? Well, there’s a pretty busy spring coming. There should be lots of gerbil babies and I’m going to another school. This one is just about dogs. I’m excited, I’ve been wanting to go to this school for a long time and now I got the change. First I’m going to a course which we study about how dogs learn. So some of my weekends are filled with dogstuff and during the week I do my normal stuff… and trying to finish my thesis, pet stores have a big role on that so I want to ask you:

What is the most important thing in a pet shop?

How do you choosse which pet shop you go?

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Bunny news

When people buy a pet from me I always say that I would love to hear from them when the creature gets older. You remember those cute bunny babies I had last spring? Little while ago I got an email from the family who got one of those boys. The boy is called Luppe and according to email he got lots of love, joy and destruction power. Apparently he likes to taste little bit of everything: wallpaper, couch, carpet…

bunny destruction

He got lots of space to run around but still if the family isn’t looking he goes to places he’s not allowed. He even gets up the stairs! …but not down…

Bunny - Mini Lop

At summer he can also go outside. He even has a quiet “friend” there…

Bunny with a friend

Overall he is very friendly and social. In this picture he’s helping with grocery shopping’s.

Bunny - Mini Lop

It’s so nice to know how he’s doing. Just look at how “big” and handsome he is now! His parents are very proud of him.

Bunny - Mini Lop

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