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Long week

After a long day (which I had many this week), there’s nothing more relaxing than taking a nap with your dog. Advertisements

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How to choose good food for a bunny?

We got a new family member. Previous owner had to give him away so now that lovely almost one year old bunny is here with us. His name is Jaska and he seems to be in good shape. I had … Continue reading

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Selective breeding going too far

I accidentally found this article from last June from the internet today: It’s in Finnish but it’s tells about dog breeds that are sick because of selective breeding. In this story they have interviewed Marjatta Snellman, professor of veterinary … Continue reading

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More room for small animals

I’ve been reading books about pet birds. I have never had bird of my own but I have been taking care of them. I have always liked them, but I had the feeling that I don’t know enough of them … Continue reading

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