Selective breeding going too far

I accidentally found this article from last June from the internet today:

It’s in Finnish but it’s tells about dog breeds that are sick because of selective breeding. In this story they have interviewed Marjatta Snellman, professor of veterinary medicine. She says that animal abusing doesn’t necessary mean just neglecting the animal on “traditional” way, but also by neglecting animals’ rights to healthy life by limiting ability to breath and move.

Dog’s short nose can be very troublesome. They just can’t breath in the normal way. For example Pekingese: “In English National museum you can see the completed Pekingese dog as it was before the current breeding. Its head was a perfectly normal and functional, and the Emperor himself was happy with it.”

Other trouble is too short scull. “The head shape is bred in such way that the brain no longer fits in the dogs’ cerebral cortex. The result is a brain fluid circulation disturbance, which may damage the spinal cord. This leads for example to strong pain.” Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a lovely dog but this problem darkens its life.

I hope (and believe) that people are coming more aware of these problems so that in future we can have more healthier dogs (and other animals).

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2 Responses to Selective breeding going too far

  1. Great blog about selective breeding! I never understand why people insist on pure breeds when mutts have less health problems and when you consider all of the dangers to the pure breeds from selective breeding it really is a no-brainer.

    • jonna410 says:

      Thanks for commenting. It is true that mutts seem healthier. Unfortunately there aren’t many studies about mix breed dogs than there are about pure breeds (at least here in Finland), so we don’t have confirmed information how healthy they really are. Sadly I know a case where two different pure breeds had a puppy which got nearly all typical diseases from these two breeds. Because of this it was wise to euthanize the dog in its early age. Luckily I have seen more of the healthier mix breed dogs and they have all being lovely personalities 🙂

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