Food is so important

In one lecture there was a vet talking about dog and cat food and that how important it is that they have good quality food. Even though it was about cats and dogs it’s the same thing with all animals: The food we gave them is the only way to actually affect their well-being. We can’t do anything about their genes anymore. Of course we have to take care of the place where we (and the pet) live and we can make sure that the pet gets enough exercise, but if there is something wrong with what they are eating and they get sick the exercise doesn’t help much…

I hope everyone would really take a good look at what they are feeding for their pets. You might be surprised about how little meat there is in most commercial foods. It is not nearly enough for cats or dogs. If you don’t believe me, just look at the label and the ingredients.

And sometimes we hear sad stories like this:

If you want to be sure the food you give for your pet is clean, fresh etc. You can always make some of the foods yourself. For example, yesterday I cut some apple tree branches for my bunnies and picked up some acorns for my chipmunks. They were all really exited about these treats!

bunny with appels


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