More babies?

Here’s some pictures of gerbil babies. There are two litters of them.

gerbil babies

gerbil babies

Our chipmunk girl, Timantti (Diamond), have been chirping all summer. That’s a sign that tells that the female is in heat. Well, she has been living with our boy but nothing happened. I thought that they just needed more time to get to know each other and maybe they could have babies next spring. Chirping stopped at the beginning of this month. There was nothing special about that, my other females have been in heat much shorter time, just in spring, they have all stopped chirping latest at summer.

Anyway, I been looking Timantti and she has been growing. Just a little bit around the tummy. I have never had chipmunk babies before so I wanted some more information about pregnant chipmunks. I found this great site:

There’s one very interesting picture “Abigail 16 days pregnant – a slight bulge can be seen” It looks very much like our girl. I really wish we could have chipmunk babies but I don’t want my hopes to get too high. Here is a picture of her. What do you think? Does she look pregnant?


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1 Response to More babies?

  1. PigLove says:

    BABIES!!! They are so adorable. I can’t stop looking at them. coochie coochie coo! XOXO – Bacon

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