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Snowy news

About a week ago it was snowing here. Amon loves the snow. He wanted to play outside but sadly for him, there wasn’t much snow and even little there was, melted quickly away. But no worries, I bought new toy … Continue reading

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New gerbils

Here they are: our newest family members. They are beautiful young girls. My husband named this one Hopeatähti (silverstar). But this other one, we don’t have name for her yet. What would be a good name for her?

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Cute pictures

So here’s some pictures like I promised. I took these picture yesterday evening. These cute bunny babies are now one week old! They are growing up fast, all of them and their mother are doing really well.

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How to read ingredients

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now. Luckily someone has already made it better than me: This is about dog foods but the idea is same with cat foods too. Bottom of that page you … Continue reading

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More creatures

Two young gerbil girls will move in with us. I will take some pictures of them when they arrive. And more happy news: we have bunny babies again! Their mother looked so big! I was wondering how many she will … Continue reading

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