Bunny news

When people buy a pet from me I always say that I would love to hear from them when the creature gets older. You remember those cute bunny babies I had last spring? Little while ago I got an email from the family who got one of those boys. The boy is called Luppe and according to email he got lots of love, joy and destruction power. Apparently he likes to taste little bit of everything: wallpaper, couch, carpet…

bunny destruction

He got lots of space to run around but still if the family isn’t looking he goes to places he’s not allowed. He even gets up the stairs! …but not down…

Bunny - Mini Lop

At summer he can also go outside. He even has a quiet “friend” there…

Bunny with a friend

Overall he is very friendly and social. In this picture he’s helping with grocery shopping’s.

Bunny - Mini Lop

It’s so nice to know how he’s doing. Just look at how “big” and handsome he is now! His parents are very proud of him.

Bunny - Mini Lop

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2 Responses to Bunny news

  1. Grace Alice says:

    Are those the ones I asked what breed they were? Awwww! He’s so cute. 🙂

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