Spring time <3

Spring time, you just have to love it.
I’ve been really busy but luckily my thesis is soon done so hopefully I will have more time for this blog.

We should have some gerbil babies soon. Or if not then our Mimosa girl is just getting really fat… And one of our bunnies, Leia, has really bad false pregnancy. I think we should let her make babies too. What do you think?

And we also have baby fishes! Look how cute!

Pristella maxillaris

Pristella maxillaris

It is really hard to take a good picture of a fish. Any tips how to do that?

I also have to share this link with you:

Company that sells raw food has a contest in Finland, where you have to tell your story about raw food. So I’m telling Amon’s story, about his skin problems etc. And about that how raw food has helped us and made my dog healthier! So go and like my story so we win more good food for Amon 🙂

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