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Bunny news

When people buy a pet from me I always say that I would love to hear from them when the creature gets older. You remember those cute bunny babies I had last spring? Little while ago I got an email … Continue reading

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Cute baby bunny pictures

        Here they are. Age: 3,5 weeks. This is a boy: This one is a girl:   And another boy: Aren’t they cute? I was expecting to have colours like the first one, but these other two … Continue reading

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Cute pictures

So here’s some pictures like I promised. I took these picture yesterday evening. These cute bunny babies are now one week old! They are growing up fast, all of them and their mother are doing really well.

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More creatures

Two young gerbil girls will move in with us. I will take some pictures of them when they arrive. And more happy news: we have bunny babies again! Their mother looked so big! I was wondering how many she will … Continue reading

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Prison break

Toteemi and Robin Hood are currently living in our outside cage. They have been making some secret digging under their booth… Of course this tunnel was revealed when we found these two fugitives. Luckily our yard is fenced so they … Continue reading

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Bunnies and our dog…

Our oldest bunny, Robin Hood, was living with Luna. Robin Hood gets really depressed when he’s just on his own. Luckily we have Toteemi also on her own so I put these two lonely ones outside together. They were little … Continue reading

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Hard decisions

As I told before, our bunny Luna had a tumor. She didn’t eat well and overall, she just wasn’t in a good shape anymore so we had to make a hard decision. Today we took Luna to the vet and … Continue reading

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