Chihuahua weekend

My sister dogs are with me again. Two tiny chihuahuas!

Here is Nipsu:


Last night we also saw this cute thing (our firend’s dog):


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“Raw food helps dogs digestion system”

There was this article in a newspaper (Aamulehti) one day about raw food for dogs. They have studied effects of raw foods for dogs in the University of Helsinki (The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine). According to the study changing the dogs died to raw food helped specially dogs digestion system, eye symptoms and skin problems. 

I think it’s kind of funny that people need to study these kinds of things: “natural food is better than prosessed food”. Is it better for you to eat just candies, cookies etc. filled with preservatives and nutritional supplement than eating pure veggies, fruits and non-prosessed meat?

While surffing in the university site I found some other interesting articles too. Like this one “Dogs recognize familiar faces from images

I wish you all happy, healthy and animal friendly new year!

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Christmas with family

We were spending Christmas with my family. Amon had fun, lots of people to play with…


Amon got a new toy and some treats. He playd a lot and was pretty tired after all that excitement. We came home yesterday and he’s still tired…


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Amon loves snow! Here’s some cute pictures him playing outside:



I’m still very busy but luckily next week it’s start to get easier with school. Maybe then I will have more time to write, let’s hope so….

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Birthday boy!

It’s Amon’s birthday! He is 5 years old now.


I have been very busy and haven’t have much time to write. Bunny babies are really messy! I have to clean their place nearly twice a day. But all of them have homes waiting for them and it won’t be long until they leave. I know I’m going to miss the bunnies… but not the mess they make…

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Gerbil news

When people buy a pet from me I always say that I would love to hear from them when the creature gets older. It’s nice to know how they are doing and sometimes I might get information that is important to know for the future breeding plans. About a week ago I got a message with this photo:


These gerbils are doing great! The owner has put lost of time and thought for them. The place in the picture is just one of the places these gerbils can play and hang around. It’s so nice to get news like this, they make me smile 🙂

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Cute baby bunny pictures





Here they are. Age: 3,5 weeks.

This is a boy:


This one is a girl:



And another boy:


Aren’t they cute? I was expecting to have colours like the first one, but these other two were suprising.

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