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Cute gerbil babies!

They are so cute! Only two weeks old. I think their father is getting better even though he is not quite normal. He is still getting his medicine for couple days and his head might stay permanently tilted.  Advertisements

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Cute pictures

So here’s some pictures like I promised. I took these picture yesterday evening. These cute bunny babies are now one week old! They are growing up fast, all of them and their mother are doing really well.

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Gerbil babies!

Yesterday evening I heard some tiny noises… Could it be? Today morning I got some evidence to back up my theory about those noises: They were gerbil babies! I tried to take some pictures but… well you can see that … Continue reading

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2 cute to be true

Two weeks old bunnies! Their eyes started to open couple days ago and they are getting ready to move outside their nest.

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8 days old

Here they are, three 8 days old beautiful bunny babies. Two of them are like their mother and this one “different” is my husband’s favorite.

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